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Welcome to the 2018 season of New Choices Farms. !

We are currently planning this new year to expand greatly our product offerings and to include plants for your garden planning in after first frost.  Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

We are excited to announce we will be working again this year with Eagle Saturday Market and expanding our product line into soon to be announced local restaurants.  We are also opening up our CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) for a very limited time to round off our season this year.  Be sure and check out the CSA page link here.

You can follow our regular updates on our Facebook page under New Choices Farms.

Looking forward from our humble beginnings in 2015. Last season we worked with our CSA partners and others that came to the farmers market, to help families that were less fortunate and still keep the farm going. This year is looking even brighter. We have made the Snap program available for purchases here on the farm and look forward to expanding the business side of our produce to make it all possible.